Let's make history

Every story should have a moral 

  Haruki's talking. Are you curious about Asyakasu ? Because I am. I won't say what Asyakasu is because I still don't know either. But I can tell you one thing about us. Do you want to hear it ? This is just the beginning. We may be small now, but soon we will be one of the biggest brands. Big goal, huh ? Every individual on this earth needs a goal in life, and this is just the smallest one that I need and want to achieve. Success is somehting we create, something we all want, but succes does not necessarily mean wealth and fame. You can be successful without being famous or rich, achieving the smallest goal you have is already a success, but never forget, always find a bigger goal to achieve. 

Aah, at first, I was supposed to tell a story, who we were, how we got here. But as I said, that's just the beginning. Every story starts with a prologue, and this is ours. 

But does every story need a moral ?